CastingCouch-HD: Curvy Blonde Charmed Into Doing Porn.

WOW! So the guy who came up with this whole Casting Couch HD idea is absolutely genius! He puts an ad in his local paper saying they are looking for sexy ladies to be in a rap music video. Receiving multiple responses, he smooth talks these never been seen before amateur babes into letting out their wild naughty girl side for the very first time on camera! The best part is, their all young fresh faces and most of them are actually really decent, AND there desperation to succeed is such a turn on! I also like how the site includes all kinds of chicks, like big busty blondes (my personal favourite and they have a lot of really hot ones), and there’s quite the number of slim brunettes with cute perky tits which I also love! Oh and did I mention its all interracial casting porn and the guy has a big black cock. It’s awesome because most of the girls have tight young pussies, and they have quite the time experimenting with something so huge and they still refuse to fail. I think I remember seeing a few times when he couldn’t actually get the girl to strip off her clothes and fuck him, but he still does damn good!

NetVideoGirls: She Arrived On Time And Left Creampied

I have to say there's a huge difference between pornstars pretending to be amateurs and real amateur sluts debuting their hot young bodies for the very first time! NetVideoGirls brings just that and the anticipation kills me wondering whether these naughty teens will give in to fully exposing their tight young pussies on HD camera, ending in a big wet cumshot to the face. They get these sexy young wanna be models and basically tell them to do as they say if they want to be a calendar model. And if they want the gig bad enough, they will eventually agree to doing some pretty crazy shit! I keep telling myself I've got to try this because these guys fuck girls everyday, and don't pay them a cent. And on top of that, they must make loads of money off of it! The people who run the site add videos regularly and man they always seem to get it bang on! Some chicks don't fall for their bullshit and walk out of their calendar girl audition but seem to do pretty fucking well. That's always a bummer especially when you can't bare wait any longer to see what's under their clothes and then they leave...Needless to say, I recommend checking out some of their real sex video debuts!

BackroomCastingCouch: Hot ASU Teen 1st Assfuck - FULL VIDEO

I've been rating XXX porn videos for a while now and I have got to say Backroom Casting Couch has it in the bag when it comes to real life casting porn! There's nothing like watching cute young good girls turn bad, and that is exactly what this site is all about! Lucky for us the casting couch porn videos are all filmed up close and personal, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. Most of them are pretty damn hot and actually model material in my opinion, but unfortunately for them...there is no modelling job at all! Reluctantly taking their clothes off and nervously spreading their tight young pusses for the camera was all just for the incredible sexual enjoyment of real casting porn! Or swallowing a huge warm load and licking up the mess only to find out it wont get them anywhere but expose them for the world to see... it's quite arousing actually!

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